Best blog post ideas for moms

Best Blog Post Ideas for Mom


By Syeda Sana

Who needs a break more than a stay-at-home mom? And what if this break turns out to be a part-time income? Who knows when this part-time income becomes a full earning?


Keep your dirty laundry aside for an hour and start blogging your heart out, and get paid sharing what you love!


But wait, you are confused what to write about?


Well, sit back and read the top ten ideas I have gathered for you to start your blogging right away!


  1. Parenting guide


Have you been able to tackle a child who has been screaming for the past 20 minutes on the top of his lungs?

You can share your parenting experience that can be great lessons for others. Try to engage something interesting to the general motherhood experience, for example how to communicate effectively with your kids, or teenagers.

You can also offer your advice on how to keep yourself groomed up while taking care of home and family.


  1. Fitness and Health


If you like to keep yourself fit and follow a healthy lifestyle and eating, you can start sharing your personal tips and motivate other moms to get fit and healthy. That doesn’t require you to be a professional trainer; your personal insights on health and fitness can help a lot of people, especially moms like you, to start their fitness regime.


  1. Do-It-Yourself Guide


Do you have those granny-skills like knitting, sewing, crafting or all of these? Then you are a creative genius and there should be no stopping for you to start a DIY blog!


You can upload videos, tutorials and offer recommendations on how to do these creative things at home!


This is a great way to create inspiration for your audience that will motivate you to improve your skills too.


  1. Cooking

No you don’t have to cook starters or bake cookies everyday. You can share your best recipes and the way you cook it, no limits here. You can also start a guide or tutorial on “How to Start Cooking”, or “How to Bake Cakes” if you are fond of baking. Video tutorials will be very helpful and you can even start a YouTube food channel.

  1. Travel

If you a passion to visit new places or you have been to many places in your life, why not let others enjoy your travelling stories? The good news is that people actually get paid to travel around the world! Yes, travel blogging has been a living resource for many. You don’t have to be Machu Picchu to be a famous travel blogger, may be your interest is in finding the local spots or to explore far-off beaches. Gosh, you don’t have to travel the world to be a travel blogger, make your blog about the country you live in!

  1. Culture and Art

If you admire art, culture and music or poetry, then this category fits you well. Whatever interests you in art and culture, share your ideas, compare or contrast different arts or cultures, may be you can also suggest on starting an art business. If you are a music lover, you can share the impacts of poetry or music on the human intellect. Literally, the options are countless, it totally depends how creative you are!

  1. Fashion

Blog about the latest trends and fashion and you will be talk of the ladies’ town! Stay ahead on the latest fashion and style news, search for new products and offer your audience a great place where they can find up-to-date fashion advice from top-to-toe!

  1. Personal Diary

This is perhaps the easiest form of blogging because it is about your own personal life. Everyone faces certain episodes in life, good or bad. You can share your childhood, teenage fantasies or being a parent. All these experiences will surely entice your readers and let them connect with you on a personal note.

  1. Product Reviews

It is one of the best ways to get paid with your review. Online consumers buy things when they see product reviews. These reviews are not limited to merchandize only, you can review about hotels, books, movies, or restaurants. Share your experience and opinion and make money.

  1. Technology

Last but never the least, technology is omnipresent. People love to hear about the release date of new iPhone. Start making a money making blog by providing latest technology news and release dates to your readers.

Now the ball is in your court!

Develop a website today and start posting your content regularly.

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Start making money online with your blog!

Through affiliate marketing, you can get an easy and quick way to make money from your blog. There are loads of affiliate marketing channels available, just apply and wait for an approval. You can get a commission out of every product sale through that specific affiliate link.

Or else,

You can also starting selling your own products like homemade food stuff, cloth diapers, fashion guide, DIY handbook, or phone apps. Platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce and Etsy will help you with selling off your products online by building a e-store.



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