Lava Rock

Basalt Stone

Go deep with the Basalt Crystal stone and light a fire in your soul that can never be extinguished. An earthy and intense mineral created from volcanoes, the medicine of the Basalt Crystal reignites the fire in your loins, giving you the courage and strength to follow your bliss. A power stone, use Basalt as your spiritual cheerleader that’s had your back from day one, cheering you on from the sidelines no matter what the score.

Basalt Stone Meaning & Healing Properties

The fiery spark of the Basalt Stone meaning comes from its origins, which started from molten lava that solidified quickly under intense heat and pressure. Also known as lava rock, the Basalt Stone is found in a range of colors from gray to black. Containing the intense power of volcanoes, use Basalt as your spirit guide, that wise voice on your shoulder giving you the gift of infinite wisdom it has gained from the earth and its many transformations over millions and millions of years. The Basalt Stone meaning was created out of destruction and chaos, so it knows a thing or two about thriving in harsh conditions. Use its power to anchor you to the earth, an excellent healing aid when you’re faced with major life changes.

An effective mood stabilizer in the world of gemstones, Basalt softens the edges of cynicism by cleansing your aura of negativity. Whenever you feel dark clouds taking over your naturally sunny disposition, sit in quiet meditation with the Basalt crystal meaning and get ready to fire up the engines of your higher consciousness, a magical spring of energy that comes from a cleansed and activated crown chakra.

Just like the Quartz and its ability to run watches and clocks, crystals can be programmed with a unique message that will support you whenever you call on it. Give your stone a job to do when you instill it with a specific intention. Gemstones might seem like the most sedentary objects on earth but they’re always listening, containing the power to store your most treasured thoughts and dreams.

Basalt Stone Meaning

The Basalt stone crystal contains the power of fire, working to rekindle the flames of passion in your spirit. If you find yourself drawn to Basalt, chances are, the stone has chosen you instead of the other way around. In other words, it’s a sign that it’s time to transform your wet blanket attitude and elevate your vibrational fields by lighting the wick of spiritual enlightenment. Start your spiritual transformation by creating a sacred space for healing, a place free of distractions like computers or cell phones. Instead, include special knickknacks that encourage peace and tranquility, like candles and powerful energy cleansers such as a Sage Cleansing Kit and a Selenite Cleansing Crystal. When used together in your meditation practice, it sets the stage for healing by clearing your environment of negativity and opening up your mind to the possibility of a spiritual awakening.

After your cleansing ritual, begin your meditation practice by gazing at the stone and noticing what thoughts come up. If the little devil on your shoulder shows up to the party, he won’t be sticking around for long, especially with the Basalt stone radiating its healing vibes into your energy field. The Selenite also helps to amplify the crystals around it, that way you’ll get a double dose of the Basalt stone and its powerful healing properties.

Basalt Stone Properties

The Basalt Crystal reminds us to always chase our dreams instead of running from our fears. The picture of defeat is the back of someone’s head as they run from the battlefield but with the power of the Basalt crystal stone healing properties, let the symbol of success and happiness be your radiant face as it takes on life with a renewed sense of purpose and determination.

The Basalt Crystal stone properties are also known for sparking your creative energy hidden deep within. Creativity is the language of the soul and with the Basalt stone in your life, you’ll be able to better express your ideas and dreams. The Basalt crystal give us the wisdom to learn the rules like a pro but break them like an artist, the magic formula for tapping into the infinite possibilities of the mind.

The Basalt stone is programmed with a high vibrational force that helps you connect at a higher level with people. Meditate with Basalt and let it guide towards thoughts of light and love. Its spiritual medicine is especially helpful to call on when you’re in a social setting because it helps you be mindful of your words.

With the sky above, the earth below, and a fire within, go deep with the Basalt stone and be a fearless warrior in the pursuit of true happiness.