Ruby – Birthstone of July

Ruby is the birthstone of July. Ruby is also the anniversary stone of the 15th and 40th anniversary.

Ruby is also the gemstone of all who have Capricorn as their zodiac sign (December 21st – January 21st).

The name ruby comes from the Latin word “ruber” which simply means red. This gemstone is expensive. It has a hardness of nine on the Mohs scale, second to the diamond.

Ruby Gemstone – Meaning and Symbolism

Rubies are associated with royalty, power and passion. Many believe that wearing a ruby gemstone on your left hand will enhance its powers. The left side is the side of the heart.

Rubies are associated with the planets Saturn and Mars. These two planets have qualities of strong passion. In the Far East it is strongly associated with the Sun.

It is said that whoever wears this gemstone will enjoy romance and friendship.  In modern times it has become a symbol of deep and profound love.

It is the gemstone to wear for all those who which to eliminate all negative thoughts and only express unconditional love.

Furthermore it is told that this gemstone will prevent nightmares.

The ruby gemstone is considered the most powerful stone in the Universe.

Ruby is the gemstone worn by leaders. Rubies are said to evoke courage to the wearer. This makes it a great stone for anyone feeling stuck and is ready to move on. It is a stone of confidence and action.

When Royalty was had true political power many chose to wear rubies to make a statement. It emphasized the power of the wearer.

Many believed that the owner of rubies was feared by his enemies. Another reason was the belief that rubies would darken if the wearer approached danger. It was believed to have qualities of warning the wearer of potential enemies in their mists.

In India they call it “Ratnaraj” which means “king of precious stones”. In The Far East statues of Buddha sometimes has a ruby placed on the forehead. The gemstone is a symbol of reincarnation.

The Burmese Dragon

This legend tells the story of a mighty dragon which laid three eggs.

When the first egg hatched the king of Burma saw the day of light.

Then the second egg hatched and the first Chinese Emperor appeared from this egg.

Finally the third egg cracked open. The egg was bursting with rubies. What a treasure! The legend goes on to say that the rubies spread all over the place; most of them have still not been discovered. Happy hunting everyone!

On a side note; some of the world’s most valuable rubies come from Burma. Burma, as we know is now called Myanmar.

The most expensive ruby was sold is named the Sunrise Ruby. It sold for $ 30 million at an auction in Geneva in 2015. The buyer understandably wished to be anonymous.