Hair care tips every woman should know

There are some girls we all know that, no matter the occasion, always have hair that looks the part — healthy, glossy and full of life. Believe us, no matter how much they protest otherwise, having hair that exudes such vitality is no accident and will take effort on their behalf. Luckily, our five hair care tips that every girl should know will, if you embrace them, leave you hair looking sultry, sophisticated and ready for anything.

Hair care tips every girl should know

Don’t get hot and bothered

Excessive blow drying is a sure-fire way to damage your locks, as is overheating hair with styling tools. It may save time to put your curling irons on the highest setting, but doing so will cause harm to your hair and scalp in the long run. Try to avoid using heat-styling products on a daily basis.

It’s also important to refrain from blow-drying your hair immediately after shampooing. By allowing your hair to dry for fifteen minutes in a towel turban, you can turn down your hair dryer’s setting to minimum and ramp up your hair’s wow factor.

As well as avoiding heat, you also need to make sure that you are drying your hair correctly. To give your hair a lift that everybody will notice, always dry from a distance and constantly move your hair throughout the process. To prevent applying too much heat to a single area, aim to keep the hairdryer around two inches from your head and work upwards, blowdrying from the neckline to the crown of your head.

Shampoo and condition like a pro

Applying shampoo and conditioner might seem easy but there is a technique to getting it right. Make these shower suggestions part of your hair care routine and you’ll soon have hair that looks and feels glorious.

Size matters – Rather than dolloping shampoo on by the bucket load, a good rule of thumb is to apply shampoo in moderation. Aim for a blob around the size of a 20p coin, or, for longer hair, around the size of a 50p coin.

Shampoo the scalp – It’s a little known fact that you should shampoo the scalp and not the ends of your hair. Don’t worry that you aren’t getting all of your strands, as aiming for the scalp will see the shampoo rinse through your hair in the shower. To really detoxify your scalp, you want to make sure that you massage the shampoo vigorously into your head — doing so will encourage blood circulation and with it, healthy hair.

Considered conditioning – Having a good conditioning regime is, if anything, even more important than shampoo application, especially if you have coloured or curly hair.

As well as investing in high quality conditioners, apply them properly by towel-drying your hair before use. Having excess water in your hair will block the conditioner from entering the hair shafts and so will prevent your hair from receiving the moisture necessary to appear shiny and glossy.

Top Tip – No one wants greasy hair. To avoid it, never apply conditioner to the roots, focusing instead on the ends of your hair.

Use the right products

Nothing can be better for your hair than natural products — working with nature, rather than against it, is an effective way of giving your hair the nourishment it needs.

Source high-quality hair care products such as shampoos that are free from parabens and SLS and instead, use ones that contain natural ingredients and essential oils.

By using high end products that harness organic ingredients, you’ll soon see your hair in all its glory, just as nature intended.

Correct Damaged Hair

It’s a fact of life that hair, over time, becomes damaged. However, with a bit of thought and TLC, you can breathe life back into damaged locks and reclaim your hair’s silky-smooth appeal.

If you have hair that is dry, damaged or tired from heavy colour treatment, you need to kick start your hair’s revitalisation with specialised products.

Our Lavender & Geranium Intensive Conditioner is packed with gorgeous and totally organic ingredients that will banish split ends and repair your hair from the inside, leaving you with a look that is luscious and complete.

Live well

Having a healthy lifestyle is a great way of encouraging healthy hair. To keep your hair nourished and hydrated, it’s important that you maintain a balanced diet that includes protein, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. It’s also vital that you stay well-hydrated — try to drink the recommended 2 litres of water per day to see a noticeable difference. For hair that has shine and bounce, see that your diet includes fresh fruit and veg as well as seeds and nuts.

Having beautiful hair doesn’t happen by default but, by taking these hair care tips to heart you’ll go a long way to having the beautiful, healthy looking hair that you’ve always dreamed of.

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