I am Nadya,

I was born in Bulgaria and spent most of my life there.

I moved to Ottawa, lived for a while in Washington, DC and for the last couple of years my home has been London.

I have a Bachelor degree in Primary School Education, and a Master of Finances. My career, curiosity and lust for life have brought me to very different areas. 

I speak five languages, and all of them with a strong accent. I am a Writer by heart and an Expat and a Traveller by destiny.

I have met thousands of women and I have heard millions of stories, and I am always amazed at a woman’s faultlessness, ability to camouflage and the fears that are inherently in her.

I want to bring to life the natural woman with this whole incredible Universe within.

So I have told you about me…tell me about you!

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‘The Heart is a Lonely Hunter’2008

‘Man’s Alibi’ 2017