About Me:

I am Nadya, the Woman behind CavaWoman.

I was born in Bulgaria and I spent most of my life there. I moved to Ottawa, I lived for a while in Washington DC and for the last 13 years my home has been London. I have a Bachelor degree in Primary School Education and a Master of Finances. My career, curiosity and lust for life have brought me to very different areas. I speak five languages and all of them with a mellow accent. I am a Writer by heart and an Expat and a Traveller by destiny. I have met thousands of women and I have heard millions of stories, and I am always amazed at a woman’s faultlessness, ability to camouflage and the fears that are inherently in her. I want to bring to life the natural woman with this whole incredible Universe within.

So I have told you about myself…tell me about You!

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‘The Heart is a Lonely Hunter’2008

‘Man’s Alibi’ 2017


What people say:

 Mrs. Janet Ferreira 

Account Manager/ Engaging Canadians Directorate/ Direction de l’engagement avec les Canadiens

Government of Canada/ Gouvernement du Canada

”I was employed as a consultant on the development and branding of CavaWoman. I worked as project manager on the creation of the concept and women’s empowerment component of the CavaWoman business plan and messaging. My role with the project was contractual, however Nadya inspired me personally and I have remained actively engaged with the CavaWoman enterprise.

Nadya is a visionary, who is not just creative but can bring ideas and concepts into concrete plans and actions.

She has many strengths, not the least of which is her ability to listen, incorporate different ideas and balance conflicting priorities with poise. She is excellent at working under pressure, with a smile. 

Through her vision and work on CavaWoman, I know Nadya was able to travel the globe, connect with women and empower them to have a voice and advocate for themselves. This work earned her a nomination with the Bulgarian Cultural Society as an up and coming entrepreneur to keep an eye on.

I would also like to highlight a quality, which is rare to find these days, but which Nadya possesses and truly owns. She is a very loyal individual with an exemplary work ethic. She is loyal to a company, a vision and individuals, especially when it is something she believes in, and she never engages in something she cannot fully endorse. She is outstanding and I would absolutely work with her again.