How Professional Development can Foster Personal Growth

Syeda Sana, 13 Dec  2019, 4 min read  Your thoughts make you. Your activities, your feelings, your desires—all are defined by how you think. If it’s unrealistic, you are going to face many setbacks. If your thinking is negative, it will deprive you of many joys that you can avail. What I mean here is...
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Are You Spiritually Healthy?

You eat well. You work out. You find ways to de-stress. You consider yourself “healthy.” But when was the last time you thought about your spiritual health? This part of your well-being may not be at the forefront of your mind when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, but it’s an essential component of the  integrative...
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What Age Does Menopause Start? Here’s How to Spot the First Signs

For many women, we spend decades of our lives managing the symptoms that go along with menstruating. Bloating, cramps, mood swings, not to mention bleeding for a handful of days, sometimes at the most inconvenient times (or in the most inconvenient outfits). There is, however, a natural end to those ups and downs — menopause....
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Cancer and Sexual Health

Sexuality is a complex characteristic that involves the physical, psychological, interpersonal, and behavioral aspects of a person. Recognizing that “normal” sexual functioning covers a wide range of behavior is important. Ultimately, sexuality is defined by each patient and his/her partner according to sex, age, personal attitudes, and religious and cultural values. Many types of cancer...
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The effects of Dating Apps on Mental Health

With the ability to meet new people with the touch of a button on thousands of different apps, I would say the world of internet dating is vastly growing. 10 years back people would have laughed at the idea of going on a date with someone after swiping right on a picture of their face,...
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How to Change Your Life in Just One Day

Imagine that with just one wave of a magic wand you could turn your entire life around. Well, you my dear, hold the power to use that wand at any time, all it takes is faith and trust (and a little bit of pixie dust…). External shifts can be hard to make overnight, however internal...
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