CavaWoman has been created for You!


CavaWoman is an online Sanctuary for Art, Jewellery, Women’s Forums and Blogs, Health News and Articles creaQtQed to support Woman’s Wellbeing.

CavaWoman has been created for You! It’s an opportunity for women all around the world to connect and unite.

CavaWoman’s ” raison d’être ” is to make women feel appreciated, valued and never alone or ashamed of whatever they are going through in life. The privacy helps to open your mind and soul, and ask what you are looking for! Sometimes life puts you in a situation when you need the right people to guide you and show you a path!

CavaWoman is an online blog to discuss a variety of subjects such as:

Being a single mom, or a single mom to be. Perhaps you are a house wife stuck in your routines, or you are a single woman navigating through different relationships. Maybe you are experiencing difficulties in your marriage, battling physical challenges and changes such as menopause or infertility, feeling confused about your orientation, you’ve suffered a loss or your career is all you have, but it is not enough.

Whatever your preoccupations, struggles or successes, CavaWoman is designed for you.

This project is meant to help women in need, and to also celebrate all the positive experience – we are here for each other! We can help with diner recipes and meal suggestions. If you are new in town and just need a friend, we will have a drink with you! Getting married and feeling overwhelmed by the process of organizing your big day? Or you are pregnant- what to expect when you are expecting?

We can help – our experience is your experience!


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