Element Earth
Nephrite is the ancestor of all minerals, the basic stone of old Nephrite Chinese medicine. Nephrite is a mineral of either light grey or yellow, light-green, dark green, blue and black color. Since old days it was considered a stone of Gods. The translucent Nephrite of white color is highly valued: it has its own name – Jade. The Chinese sages attributed a number of virtues to the Nephrite. As it is said in the “Book of Verses”: shining, but soft surface of Nephrite personifies human virtue; corners of a stone that cannot be dulled, are the symbol of justice; a pure, fine sound which utter nephrite’s plates at impact is an echo of divine music and an expression of happiness. Astrologists regard Nephrite as a stone of Pluto.

Talismans & amulets
Nephrite strengthens and brings longevity to its wearer. Wearing it as a talisman protects against failure and misfortune. The blue or green Nephrite overcomes evil in the person, helps him to change for the best. Nephrite has strong powers: it promotes changes for the best in daily life, helps to overcome deadlocks. It is a stone of singles; they should always carry it as a talisman. As an amulet it protects from sickness, strengthens vital forces of the body.

Healing properties
Nephrite possesses a high thermal capacity. Therefore a piece of Nephrite applied to stomach or kidneys area, operates as a gentle hot-water bottle, reducing pain. White Nephrite reduces renal colic and liver pains. It intensifies hearing and sight. Red Nephrite settles palpitation. Wearing Nephrite beads helps with eyes diseases, migraine and protects against evil eye.

Magical properties
It is believed that Nephrite brings success in gambling, preserves against an evil eye, brings victory to Olympic athletes. It also protects from lightning and induces people to keep fidelity to stone’s wearer. A piece of Nephrite buried under the basement will protect it from earthquake and flooding. Touching a Nephrite plate clears mind and drives away tiredness. Nephrite is even more powerful if mounted in silver or platinum.

Chakra Three: Manipura, Chakra One: Muladhara and Chakra Two: Svadhisthana