Sapphire Meaning

The sapphire’s deep blue, sparkling hue has been cherished since ancient times. Today, the gem is second in popularity only to the diamond. While you’ll find sapphires in a plethora of shades, the most popular and well-known is the navy blue sapphire. But in any hue, because of sapphires’ sturdy structure and versatile color, they’re found in gorgeous, valuable pieces around the world.


Spiritual Meaning

Many cultures have revered the sapphire as a sacred stone. Ancient Greeks wore this gemstone at Delphi when meeting with the Oracle to obtain knowledge about their future. Ancient Indians offered the sapphire to the gods to gain favor and align their astrological fortunes. In medieval times, the sapphire represented celestial holiness and faith. The sapphire also has significant meaning in the Bible. It is believed that the commandments were engraved on tablets of sapphire. Additionally, Buddhists believe the sapphire has a calming presence that facilitates prayer, meditation and spiritual enlightenment.

Emotional Meaning

The sapphire is believed to promote wisdom, accurate thinking and spiritual truth. It is believed to be connected with the throat and the conscience, allowing the wearer to access a deeper understanding of oneself through structured thinking. The sapphire is an ideal gemstone for those looking to channel their energies into clear, positive thinking to accomplish goals. Additionally, the sapphire is known to be a stone of commitment and fidelity. It is often paired with diamond or worn by itself within an engagement ring. Wearing a sapphire gifted by a loved one signifies that the bond will be everlasting and the partners will have a deep attachment for each other. Traditionally, sapphire is given as a gift for the fifth or 45th anniversary.


Wellness Meaning

Ancient cultures often used the sapphire as a talisman and to protect the wearer from poison and disease. They believed that the sapphire was powerful in protecting against ailments and bad influences. Modern cultures also believe that the sapphire can play a role in alleviating ailments of the body. Sapphire is thought to be a cure for insomnia and vertigo. It is also believed that sapphires can provide relief from thyroid problems and disorders of the nervous system and blood. On a mental level, sapphire is thought to alleviate depression, build self-confidence and create positive thinking. The blue color of the gemstone is believed to inspire trust, patience, and confidence in the wearer because of the indigo, blue and violet rays that it emanates. In the past, it was believed that the sapphire would transform stupidity to wisdom and irritability to good temper.


Sapphire Birthstone

Sapphire is the birthstone for those born in September. It is believed to have a special power to protect those born in this month from negative thoughts and to bring order and structure to life when worn. The sapphire is popularly worn as a birthstone in a pendant, earrings or a right-hand ring. The more transparent and richly blue the sapphire, the higher it is in value.