The Meaning of Larimar

Larimar properties are highly sought after within the metaphysical community, as Larimar is believed to be a healing stone.

Healers that use gemstones in their work were amongst the first people to recognize the true rarity and value of larimar and much has been written about the metaphysical properties.

The vibrational frequency of Larimar is one of the highest of any gemstone; the energy in larimar is incredibly high, resulting in many desirable properties.

It is finely attuned with the throat chakra and many believe it has the ability to enhance a person’s communication skills. Larimar has shown great effects on one’s trust and love towards their partner, as it opens their hearts and souls, revealing their true feelings and love towards one another.

Larimar is the ultimate love stone for couples of all ages.

Edgar Cayce prophesied the discovery of Larimar in his writings. Larimar is often associated with Atlantis, and many psychics have since confirmed this connection (hence the name Atlantis stone).

Larimar combines the energy of the oceans with the energy of the heavens which means Larimar helps to combine our thoughts (air) with our emotions (water).


When placed on the skin, the high vibrational energy of Larimar can help to ease stress and tension and it is said to be excellent for clearing headaches. Local folklore also says that Larimar has the ability to attract one’s soulmate!

Wearing ocean jewellery with larimar gemstones is another way you can always place it near you at all times. It can bring several benefits, such as promoting inner peace, improving communication, and serving as a reminder of positive attributes.

Does Larimar bring good luck?

According to the Book of Stones by Robert Simmons, placing Larimar on your work desk can promote a relaxed and serene atmosphere. Carry larimar around for good luck and wear larimar around your neck to promote clearer communication. Even those who don’t believe in the healing powers of stones often carry their larimar around as a good luck charm.

Marahlago presents an elegant collection of jewellery that depicts sea creatures such as turtle jewellery, dolphin jewellery, seahorse jewellery, and octopus jewellery, all of which are symbolic representations of good fortune. By combining the fortuitous significance of these oceanic creatures with the spiritual and emotional benefits of Larimar, one can reap the positive effects of both elements simultaneously.

Metaphysical Properties of Larimar

Larimar is best known to be a healing stone, but its metaphysical powers go much deeper. It has effects on four of the seven main chakras: the Heart, the Throat, the Third Eye and the Crown chakra by healing and enlightening. Larimar helps stress-related imbalances, general anxiety and panic attacks. Larimar works by bringing balance and harmony with your energies to achieve overall calm, relaxation and unity within oneself.

Larimar properties provide powers that are both mental and physical. Physically, it helps heal inflammation quicker; it is helpful to bring down fevers and heal sunburns quicker.

Because it works to heal fire element energy, it is also used to clear eczema and other skin disorders linked to anxiety. For pregnant women, it helps regulate the intensity of hot flashes.

With Larimar’s healing effects towards the throat chakra, it targets joint and cartilage pain. Larimar is widely used as a reflexology tool, and can also stimulate brain activity by dissolving energy blocks in the body.

Larimar’s effects on one’s mental state are numerous. Its main purpose is to get in touch with one’s emotions, reconnect with oneself within a deeper sense of calm and relaxation.

It helps lower depression, feelings of loss and stress. When used on the Third Eye Chakra, it has healing properties with anxiety and lack of self-confidence.

Larimar helps you stay calm when you experience changes ; it assists in making you see the bigger picture and get a broader perspective in your life and everyday experiences.

Larimar can also have a positive and stimulating effect on creative minds; by clearing up the paths between your emotions and the anxiety of new events and experience, it helps you live more in the moment and accept and adapt to things you cannot control.

How to Use Larimar

Larimar can be used in a multitude of ways. Coupled with deep breathing exercises and yoga positions, it can help you clear your mind of everyday stress.

In meditation, Larimar can help you set yourself free of the bounds of negativity. That can include places, people and things that have a toxic energy on your life. Larimar focuses these negative energy to untie them from your mind and body. Larimar helps you achieve a deeper state of meditation. By harmonizing with your mind, your body and the energies around you, it helps elevate your consciousness to a deeper state of healing.

When used as a reflexology tool, meaning when the Larimar gemstone is used to apply pressure during pressure massages, it opens up the meridians on the feet to help locate painful areas in the body and assist in clearing up said blockages and relieve pain and illnesses.

How do I Manifest the Powers of Larimar

If you are feeling prone to strong feelings such as burst of anger, depression or crying events, your Heart chakra might be out of balance. You might need reassurance or reaffirmation of your feelings and action, you might feel forgotten or lost, or simply out of love.

By putting Larimar in your hand and closing your fist, or wear it on your chest, it will target these energies and balance them out to create self-love and compassion for yourself, and for others; in simple terms, it will work to heal your heart.

Healing the heart goes even beyond emotions and can even help heal the circulatory system that start from your heart. By putting the Larimar stone by your heart, it can help tissue regeneration.

If you are feeling like you are indispensable in your work environment, leading to burnouts, or need constant recognition and affirmation of injustices you are experiencing, no matter how big or small, then your thrown chakra might be out of balance.

You might be experiencing issues with getting close to people, socializing even or trouble being genuinely kind to others.

Take your Larimar gemstone in your hand, put it on your forehead or near your temples.

Practice deep breathing exercises and feel the Larimar align your mind with the energies around you, harmonizing your crown chakra with the universe.



About Nickel

Nickel is a metallic element with a silvery-white, shiny appearance. It is the fifth-most common element on earth and occurs extensively in the earth’s crust and core. Nickel, along with iron, is also a common element in meteorites. Nickel occurs naturally in soil and water. It is also an essential nutrient for plants.

While the concentration of nickel in the earth’s crust is 80 parts per million, the earth’s core consists mainly of a nickel-iron alloy.


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