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    Perpetual AddoPee

    Congratulations in advance.

    Your budget is cool just make sure you plan and spend within your budget.

    All the best

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    Perpetual AddoPee

    Hello my dear sister,

    Hope you made the right decision at the most difficult stage of your life. Though its been a while I believe these words will bring you freedom.

    I find myself in the same dilemma when my husband wanted an abortion instead of a third baby.

    I am just few weeks gone. I have decided to keep this and deliver the next “David”for my country and the kingdom of God. It was a tough decision but one thing that inspired me was that , almost/nearly aborted children mostly turn turn out unique, powerful, special, talented, brilliant, influential and so on.

    Be strong as a woman and believe me, you will never regret you had him or her.

    Let’s hear from you again soon.

    Stay well and safe.

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