Plastic surgery: Would you have some work done?

Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery has never been so popular as it is today. A staggering amount of men and women make the life-changing decision to undergo plastic surgery every year.

Changing a body part that you have despised for years can be very appealing. Before you take the plunge and go under the knife let’s have a look at some of the pros and cons.

The Pros

Increased Self-Esteem and Confidence

Plastic surgery offers people the option to reshape body parts that they are unhappy with, uncomfortable with and feel are unattractive. Not everyone was blessed with Angelina Jolie lips or a cute button nose, or even just a pair of boobs. Many people also choose to go under the knife to reduce ageing and the saggy skin that comes with it.

Additionally, the surgery has potential to repair damage caused by infection, trauma, heredity or developmental appearance problems. If plastic surgery is successful, it can result in a more attractive appearance and that in turn can make people feel more confident.

Health Benefits

Physical problems can also be repaired with plastic surgery. Women with very large breasts can experience terrible back pain due to the extra amount of weight on their chest. This can be significantly reduced or even stopped with breast reduction surgery.

People who have heavy eyelids can enjoy clearer vision once surgery has removed the extra folds of skin.

The Cons

The Risk

As with any surgical procedure, cosmetic surgery involves removing, cutting and reshaping parts of your body, this in itself is always risky. Patients can suffer bruising, swelling and stiffness that can last for a long time after surgery is over.

Some procedures can also result in serious permanent complications like nerve damage, muscle paralysis, scarring, infections and in some cases chronic pain.

You may also need to depend on someone to help you with simple daily tasks for a while.

The Cost

Surgery comes with quite a hefty price tag, often several thousands of pounds and in most cases isn’t covered by insurance or the NHS.

Also, recovery time will vary from person to person but an extended time off work can cause more financial struggles.

Satisfaction Isn’t Always Guaranteed

Always remember that no surgery comes with a guarantee and not all surgeries have the ideal outcome.

You won’t know what the final result will look like until it’s too late to change your mind. A lot of people have very high expectations and are not at all happy with the result.

Some people believe it will make them beautiful and solve all their problems, this is not necessarily the case.

Before You Decide

Do a thorough investigation before you decide for, or against, plastic surgery. It’s not a decision you should make on a whim.

Talk to various doctors, get a second opinion, and let them give their advice on the procedure you are considering.

Talk to others who have had the same op and see how they felt it went. There are a multitude of chat forums online for these very discussions.

Work out the total cost of the surgery you intend to have and work out your payment schedule. Make sure you can afford it and don’t leave yourself short.

Ask yourself what expectations you have of the surgery. If you consider all the pros and cons and do your research, you’re much likelier to make a decision you can happily live with whether you choose the surgery or not.


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